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What are CNG kits?

CNG Kits are additional equipment that when installed with Car Engine, can consume CNG as a fuel in stead of petrol. In small vehicles like car only petrol to CNG conversion kits are available however in heavy vehicles you can convert diesel vehicle to CNG. CNG is an alternative fuel to gasoline. CNG Fitted vehicle can run on Compressed natural gas as well as its parent fuel (Petrol or diesel). After the end of CNG pressure in fitted CNG Cylinder, Vehicle engine automatically turns to use its native fuel and a beep is send to driver for fuel option change.

CNG Kits are two types. Conventional CNG Kit (Old Model Kit) and Sequential CNG Kit (Sequential Injection CNG Kit). Working System or mechanism of both kits are different. A Sequential Kit have some extra part know as injector rail that transmit CNG fuel directly in to engine.

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